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I reside on the Edge.

4th August, 2006. 11:23 am. Hey Petrona!

What's your schedule like?
I figured because we keep missing each other that maybe we should make plans on the one forum we actually seem to catch each other; Lovely lovely Livejournal!
We ARE going to get together...I am determined!! :)

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19th July, 2006. 9:43 am. update

Hey all--just an update as to why I've been so illusive:
Changed my whole direction in college--completely disillusioned with the Education Dept so I am now in the Masters Program for English Lit. Very Happy now.

Draining custody battle with ex-husband. He REALLY thinks that, after only 5 months of being sober, he can solely take care of a 7 year old. Yeah right—didn’t stop him from making my life difficult though.

I am moving amidst all this—packing sucks and it makes me grouchy.

This documentary project makes me happy and hopeful—I’d really like to shed some light on the immigration process and apply some REAL human faces to the headlines.

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19th July, 2006. 12:02 am. Documentary

Doing a documentary on Immigration--any recent immigrants or children of recent immigrants PLEASE let me interview you!

Petrona, I was wondering if I could interview you, your mom and any other family members who are willing to share with me.

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22nd April, 2006. 12:46 am.

Just watched "look at me". Great movie, but I wonder, who do they get to translate movie titles??? The original title is "Comme une Image"...how do they get "look at me" out of that???? Dunno. I could go on a feral rampage against the American film indistry and how they try to deceive us, but I won't for the sake of everyone's sanity.
Great movie, though. I recommend it.
Sorry I've been away from LJ. Busy, school, catastrophe of one kind or another. Nothing serious. Still alive and synical, so, aparently things haven't changed drastically.
Petrona, how is everything with you. Haven't spoken in a while, but I wanted to let you know that we're thinking about you.

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6th March, 2006. 7:06 pm. The sweetest comment ever

Last Sunday Evie played with Petrona's daughter, Sydney, for the afternoon. The girls got along very well and we all had a great time roaming the mall, eating ice-cream, looking at the pets in the pet shop and trying on clothes. As I was driving Syd home, she said, "At first I thought this was going to be weird, but I feel really okay. I feel like I knew you guys forever." That kid melts my heart.

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13th February, 2006. 9:31 pm. Happy Birthday, Willowjadia!

Willowjadia, my dear friend of 16 years, is celebrating her birthday on Wednesday. It just dawned on me that we've known each other more than half of our lives...wow!
Happy birthday, Step-on-me. I am trying to find a 'sitter for Wednesday the 22nd. If I can come, we should sing a duet--how about "I got you, Babe?" And, since it's your birthday, you can choose whether you want to be Sonny or Cher!

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13th February, 2006. 3:28 pm. Amusing...

Is this the type of man we'd like co-running our country?

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4th February, 2006. 9:53 am.

I saw Brokeback Mountain last night and cried the entire way home. Absolutely amazing movie.

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3rd February, 2006. 5:34 pm. Hamster beard

Yesterday, we were in the doctor's office because Evie was complaining of chest pain again...after many, many, many trips to the cardiac specialist, we've determined that her heart is structurally perfect (thank God) though she does have a benign arrhythmia. Okay, so why is she having pain?? Doctor's suggestion; indigestion. Prescribes prevacid and wants to see Evie in 3 weeks. After all of this anguish, the chest pain may just be indigestion?? Mama mia.
So, we're waiting in one of the exam rooms and Evie says, out of the blue,
"Mommy, would it be weird of you glued a hamster to your chin? Like a live hamster so it would grow like a beard."
"Yes, Evie,indescribably weird. Not to mention cruel to the hamster."
"Oh, okay."
Hey, there's no mistaking, she's my kid!

Current mood: amused.

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30th January, 2006. 3:44 pm. Birthday Hoopla

I wanted to thank everyone for a great time on Saturday. I was worried because there were a lot of cancellations, but it ended up being the perfect size.
Petrona: Last night, my Dad said that Eric was a really nice guy eleven times. (We counted and then mercilessly ribbed him about it!)
Willowjadia: Everyone covets my Leonardo DaVinci action figure. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's action figure--or steal thy neighbor’s action figure.

I'll post pictures of the cake soon--for those who weren't there, my mom had a picture of me in my Halloween Pirate costume transferred onto the cake along with the caption "Ahoy Matey, I'm 30".

I have one word...revenge.

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